Epoxy Floor Coatings Fairfield, CA

Green Valley Painting provides Epoxy Floor Coatings in Fairfield, California

Since 2003, Green Valley Painting has been offering commercial and residential interior painting for Fairfield, Solano, Napa, Contra Costa, and Sonoma Counties. We provide many painting services including the application of epoxy floors.

When you have the experts at Green Valley Painting you can rest assured that the complicated process of applying the epoxy to your floor will be done correctly. We can ensure that our work will last! Our employees are also experts when it comes to design and colors, this means we can help you pick out the right style and color epoxy for your home!

Why Choose an Epoxy Floor?


Give your garage floor a much cleaner and brighter look. The smooth and glossy finish of epoxy will brighten up your garage and give it a more comfortable and professional feel.


There are many different styles and choices that you can pick from. This allows you to create a unique look and not have the same garage flooring as every other house in your neighborhood.


The underlying concrete in your garage will be untouched and protected from the moisture, greases, and damaging chemicals that are often found on garage floors.


Not only does the epoxy coating last for many years but it will also allow your concrete to last longer as well. This is why it is popular in commercial industries.

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