Retail center and strip mall painting

Retail Center and Storefront Painting!

We will help paint your businesses in retail centers and strip malls around Solano, Napa, and Contra Costa counties!

Want to make your business stand out from the others in the retail center or strip mall where you are located?

Adding a new paint scheme to you building will catch your customers eye and draw their attention! Even if the potential customer who notices your company doesn’t come in right away, they are more likely to remember your business and where it is located if you leave a memorable impression simply by freshening up the paint on your business. Often the more professional your company looks; the more likely potential customers are to become paying customers. It is also very important that your company’s image matches the products you are selling as well as the atmosphere of your store’s interior.

Matching the branding that you have chosen for your store is crucial when picking the type and color of your exterior paint. When customers first see the store it is important to give them a representation of what they will find inside.

Likewise, it is important to reflect the same professional look and style that you have used for the outside on your store for the interior. Our painting experts can also provide you with an interior paint scheme that will perfectly complement your products and services. Your stores paint should match your branding not only in color but also design. The design of your interior paint should complement your stores products and make customers feel welcomed while shopping. This is achieved through careful design and planning. This is where our expert painters can help you the most. We have worked on many commercial buildings and know the importance of a properly designed store interior.

Having this type of professional image working for your store will allow you to stand out from your competition as well as the other stores in your retail center or strip mall. It will also help you build up the image and brand of your company. Having a brand and becoming recognizable will allow you to build a following of loyal customers who continue to return to your location. This type of brand awareness is something all businesses strive for; your store has the added advantage of using your storefront as another tool to establish and promote your brand!

Why choose Green Valley Painting?

Our team understands that you have a business that needs to continue to operate, this is why we are willing to work around your schedule and make sure our jobsites are cleaned up before leaving every day. Our employees take pride in their job and want to leave your store with the best possible paint possible. The products we use are top of the line and we will stand by our work, this is why we offer a warranty on our work. If your paint begins to peel or chip, we will gladly come back and fix it.

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